Waste Management is a challenge globally, in African cities littering is proving to be a menace . #Nailitter seeks to solve this through a mix of artistic data visualisation and data science. Making art based experiences that inform city dwellers of their littering patterns, habits and effects on environment then enabling the public to respond to these art works and interact with the process of  creation of new iterations on these pieces based on the new data is desired.

We seek to create a marketplace for citizens photojournalist making a better world through citizen action, good deeds are rewarded.

#Nailitter seek to raise the state of sanitation in the city by creating a network of independent contractible litter reporters . 


Social Media campagne by introducing a hashtag


Sifasafi Solutions

What We Did

Design research, concept development, prototyping

Improve the self efficiency

of people in communities,

on their role in waste management.

Looking at improved household waste management etiquette and more ownership to waste management initiatives in communities.