Designing a product is designing a relationship.

Circular Design Nairobi empowers local design communities to tackle nowadays environmental issues. By bringing together the whole value chain we gain new points of view and are able to exchange knowledge. This knowledge we share in two ways. We create awareness, and work on practical solutions

What we can help you with

Eduction through workshops, talks or tours | Practical solutions through mapping, toolkitting and product design

Our Specialities
  • Circular Economy in East Africa
  • How to reach local communities
  • Product Design
  • Business Model Design
Featured On
  • DIF 2019
  • Circular Conversations

Creating Awareness

We believe it’s important to share our knowledge in order to create awareness around circular economy and environmental issues. This way we hope to accelerate the transition towards a circular future. Therefore we give

  • Workshops
  • Talks
  • Advise
  • Tours

Practical Solutions

We find it important to create practical solutions with our knowledge. Therefore we work together with organizations to level up their circular game. Thanks to our great networks with local communities and product designers, we are able to take a look at the whole value chain of a product. We do:

  • Circular Businessmodel Workshops
  • Tool kitting
  • Product design

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